Rants and Ramblings of a little old lady

Come on in! I’m glad you got here safely. Just pull up a chair and sit down and I’ll put the kettle on the hob for tea.

What’s that? You think you’ve seen me before somewhere? Well, you probably have, in that painting by James McNeill Whistler. But I don’t really look like that, you know. I don’t usually wear a bonnet for one thing.

I suppose you could call me a silver surfer. However I was not taught to use computers by a patronising eight-year-old grandson. Like many female office workers of my generation, I was using mainframe computers back in the seventies, before the Internet was even thought of. I’ll tell you what it was like in one of my rambles.

What else would you like to know about me? Well, I am Jewish and also a Christian (an entirely normal combination in the 1st century AD but not at all common in the 21st). In fact, given the long tradition of institutionalised antisemitism in the Church, I often feel I understand intuitively just what it must be like to be a gay Christian. So I am also a long-standing member of both Inclusive Church and I used to belong to Accepting Evangelicals. Sadly the latter seems to have come to the end of its life as a separate organisation and has been folded into One Body One Faith.

I am a regular Linux user and use Linux Questions as my main social networking site. I don’t waste precious time with Facebook or Twitter. Tweeting is for the birds! However I do have a Mastodon account at Mastodon.

I have written two books. I write music. I have done a bit of amateur programming. Details below.

Ah, tea’s ready! I’ll be mother. And thank you for sharing it with me. Please feel free to explore afterwards. And you really don’t need to offer to help me do the washing up;-).

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